About Digital Luminance

When you’re in the throes of selecting a new digital marketing partner, whether or not they have a swanky office probably isn’t your first consideration.

Sure, it’s good for the staff. Maybe some of the agency’s other clients feel strangely reassured by the depth of the carpet in reception and the impeccable taste of whoever chose the artwork for the walls.

But, like you, at Digital Luminance, we think refreshingly differently.

Sorry, we’re not sorry.

We make no bones about it. There is no apology here. Digital Luminance is a virtual agency. We officially have no offices. The benefit for you is this: you still get the finest calibre of personnel carrying out your work. Indeed, the best brains in the business. But they work wherever they want, whenever they want, all around the world. It compresses your timescales because your projects leapfrog around the world, 24/7. Digital Luminance is never sleeping.

The cost advantages passed to you.

And then there’s the cost advantage. We don’t carry excessive overheads like traditional agencies do. The professionals assigned to your project have been chosen to match your area of business, but more than that, they’re only ever costing anything while they’re working on your project; they’re not staff. We don’t have any staff.

Right now, there’s a project manager orchestrating client campaigns in the south of Spain. In London, one of our commercial directors is busy with business on behalf of a management consultancy. There’s a technology specialist in the USA, mobile app developers in Eastern Europe, and you’ll find a creative director in Christchurch, New Zealand, bringing together the output of copywriters, designers, user experience guys and information architects who are based wherever they are based. The network works.

You see, what matters to us more than anything is results, consistent creative excellence and an astounding price to performance ratio. By deploying the very latest digital marketing tools and techniques, we deliver flawless experiences across the entire digital gamut, from website to app. We’d go as far as to say that there’s only one ultimate justification for our existence: to deliver better digital marketing  that will prove itself, time and time again.

What’s your problem?

You’re welcome to come to us and tell us you want a complete website burndown and rebuild. Sure, we’ll happily work to an agreed budget and deliver exactly that. And it’ll be stunning. But that’s not really the way we like to work.

Try instead telling us about the digital marketing problem you need to solve and, working with you, we’ll assemble the talent and technologies to get to an effective (and cost-effective) solution. Maybe it will be a website that delivers the goods. Maybe it’s a suite of services surrounding a single page. But we won’t know until we’ve listened and understood. We’re as good at listening as we are at creating.

Just who are you dealing with?

At the helm of Digital Luminance, you’ll find Tim Hymans and Jeff Lunn. They’re the ones who founded the virtual digital marketing agency that gives you top talent at less cost.

Tim Hymans


Apart from up-to-the-minute strategic marketing knowledge and an almost unnerving sense premonition, Tim has nearly 20 years of strategic marketing experience, specifically strategic direction, leadership and management, marketing & PR, communications and sponsorship.He has run global marketing divisions in the home automation, technology, luxury automotive and sports industries. His passion is building teams and strategically helping organisations change successfully to satisfy the ever-evolving customer.

Jeff Lunn

Director & Co-Founder

Jeff gets the stuff done. The hammer that knocks the nail in. He makes the magic materialise. You see, in a place like Digital Luminance, there’s no shortage of ideas coming from one genius after another. But somebody needs to round up the people and all their outputs, channel them and get them executed—keeping you in the loop depending on how much you want to be involved. Using a variety of current methodologies such as Waterfall, Agile, SCRUM and Kanban, and a shed load of the latest technologies, Jeff can expertly dovetail any project with any way your organisation works. And he’s not short of business growth ideas himself.

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