So just who do we think we are?

Digital Luminance features the talents of a global network of individuals and teams who are handpicked depending on the exact requirements of your business and projects.

But somebody had to start Digital Luminance. And someone, ultimately, has to lead.

So here they are, then. Jeff and Tim. They do actually look like this, but try to see past that. They’re both exceptionally friendly and actually very, very clever.

Our Founders

At the helm of Digital Luminance, you’ll find Tim Hymans and Jeff Lunn. They’re the ones who founded the virtual digital marketing agency that gives you top talent at less cost.

About Jeff ‘Pitbull of Projects’ Lunn

Director and Founder

Jeff gets the stuff done. The hammer that knocks the nail in. He makes the magic materialise. You see, in a place like Digital Luminance, there’s no shortage of ideas coming from one genius after another. But somebody needs to round up the people and all their outputs, channel them and get them executed—keeping you in the loop depending on how much you want to be involved. Using a variety of current methodologies such as Waterfall, Agile, SCRUM and Kanban, and a shed load of the latest technologies, Jeff can expertly dovetail any project with any way your organisation works. And he’s not short of business growth ideas himself.

About Tim ‘Seriously Strategic’ Hymans

Director and Founder

Apart from up-to-the-minute strategic marketing knowledge and an almost unnerving sense premonition, Tim has nearly 20 years of strategic marketing experience, specifically strategic direction, leadership and management, marketing & PR, communications and sponsorship.

He has run global marketing divisions in the home automation, technology, luxury automotive and sports industries. His passion is building teams and strategically helping organisations change successfully to satisfy the ever-evolving customer.

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It costs nothing to find out more about working with Digital Luminance. You pay less compared to bricks and mortar agencies. Your projects are delivered faster, by top creatives and strategists, with excellent service to match.