What they say and where they say it.

The science of social platform management.

With so many different social sites, apps and platforms – and another one coming out almost every week it seems – it can be difficult to keep track.

The perfect platform management software should drive strategic decision-making across the business with meaningful insights from social data and analytics.

At Digital Luminance, we use a platform that tracks the platforms. We can show you the performance of all your social profiles, business reviews, website site performance and blogs and can quickly organise all your data by customers, business or brand.

You want reports. You want to publish posts to all or any social and run analytics. You want to research social keywords. Engagement. Spot trends. And by its very nature, social is global so you need to be able to see how different territories are performing.

You want to release the right information at the right time. Be proactive and reactive. Global product launch? Our suite of tools can coordinate the activity sending out and receiving the correct messages based on cultural difference, timezone and past performance – just for example.

We can create and deliver timely, detailed, customised reports for analysing what is and isn’t working, keeping you connected and knowledgeable about every aspect of your social presence.

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Social Media & Communications Management

You can’t beat them, so you’ve got to join them. With social, we’ll show you the way. We’ll be your people people.

Communications Audit

We’ll help you go through everything you’re telling your customers and, just as importantly, what they’re telling you. Everywhere.

Communications Strategy

How do you communicate effectively with your audiences? In what medium? We can show you how.

Content Development & Management

Is your content sprawling out of control? Do you not have enough? Discover more about how we manage content.