We don’t develop good content. We create amazing content. That’s shareable. Influential. Content that delivers real results.

Great content starts with a content strategy to align market needs with a company’s marketing goals and then developing, implementing and managing content designed to meet specific needs.

Marketing-driven content development means creating a voice for your company and providing the marketplace with insight and understanding about your company’s products and services.

The most important element is creating value.

Content is a broad term. In terms of social (or any other digital arena), the word content could refer to blog posts, static web copy, podcasts, games and video content – for example.

The role of a social content developer includes but is not limited to graphics, promotions, photos and video that engages an audience and warms them up and ultimately converting them into paying, repeat customers: content in it all its forms.

Developing content involves several different duties and responsibilities. We scoured dozens of Content Developer job descriptions to compile the following list of the most common duties and responsibilities.

Responsibilities of a content developer include:

√ Develop Strategic Content Goals

√ Create Content and Manage Content Distribution

√ Collaborate With Other Departments on Content Creation

√ Analyze Key Performance Indicators to Determine Content     Effectiveness

You have to be more than content with your content. And the only people that can tell you whether or not it’s any good are the people that consume it, reply to it, argue with it, use it and share it. And it doesn’t stop there: let’s hope you’ve got some fans (and we’re sure you have) who’ll defend your brand to the hilt. How do you make the most of them?

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