Where are we now with social? Let us help you find out.

As a rule of thumb, you need to be carrying out a systematic assessment, either formal or informal, about every three months.

Your organisation’s capacity for, or performance of, essential communications practices will determine what’s working well, what’s working not so well, and what might work better if you make adjustments to your social media marketing/management efforts.

To start, our social media communications audit will provide a “snapshot” of where your business currently stands in terms of its social media performance. During the process, we’ll also offer recommendations for areas of performance that can be strengthened.

The output of an audit lets you adapt what’s being implemented (if it’s needed) on your social media networks in a way that increases efforts for higher performance. And, as always, by performance, we mean ultimately brand perception, leads, conversions and ongoing sales.

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You can’t beat them, so you’ve got to join them. With social, we’ll show you the way. We’ll be your people people.

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