If you think keywords be the food of SEO, get stuffed. Because there’s so much more to it…

Yes, you need a keyword strategy on its own. And our search engine optimisation experts are adept at mining the keywords that will reveal your company, products and services with accuracy and relevance, no matter what it is you sell.

But Google’s algorithms (and, frankly, thanks to Google’s sheer pervasiveness, we don’t really care about any other search engine) are so advanced that they look for relevant meaning. These bots are reading intelligently. They’re looking for meaning. And, to an increasing extent, they’re listening too.

Write for the users, not the bots.

Since day minus one, Google has been saying you need to write for the user, not the search engine. And since the beginning, it hasn’t changed yet. They’ve just got better at interpreting all the stuff that your site says and how it’s presented. Like good teaching, your content has to be relevant and interesting – then you’ll be off to a start.

Without boring you with tech – leave that to us – your other considerations are:


How shareable is your content? Who links to you and to what do you link?


Your content needs true substance. Google is reading.

Attention to the finer details

Get to the source of the problem. Alt-tags. Are they relevant to the image and do they reflect and complement the content? Meta data. Are your keywords, description and page titles in order?

Ancillary content

Is your content supported with substantial, sharable, provocative and professional blogposts? Stuff that gets shared exponentially increases traffic.

We can help you with stuff, not stuffing.

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