Search Engine Marketing. You get what you paid-for.

So you’ve got your organic search engine optimisation working like a dream. You’re on the first page of Google’s results. (You are, aren’t you? — Go to our digital marketing support SEO page, if by any chance you’re not.)

Now could be the time to up it a gear and get into paid-for search.

We utilise what we’ve discovered during the exploratory and test phases of your organic search results and successes to evolve your paid search. It never stops; and neither do we.

Example: Hang loose. There is the intelligence out there.

When you’re bidding on keywords and considering your cost-per-click and pay-per-click advertising, you no longer need to be so tight on your keyword or keyphrase selection. So Google will interpret washing machine plumbing services the same way as it understands laundry plumbers near me.

Our keywording experts can help you get the best return on your investment in paid-for search. With continuous A/B/Z testing, more than a modicum of behavioural buying psychology and a cut above in common sense.

Let’s talk about ads, baby. Let’s talk about ads…

If you want more from your money, we should talk about the potential of paid-for. We know it works; how well it works is the team of experts behind you. Contact us to discover more.

Digital Marketing Support

Deriving revenue from the digital marketing space is what we do. Our teams are handpicked for your projects and objectives.


From content to customer or client, our search results get results. We develop content that catches Google’s eye.

Marketing Automation

You can’t replace the human touch but certain repetitive marketing tasks can be automated and triggered to suit you and your customers.

CRM Implementation

CRM with the emphasis on the ‘M’. Whether you’re embarking on a CRM program or it’s already established, we can help.