Customer Relationship Management? It’s time this relationship got serious.

The dreamchild of 1980s marketing or possibly before. We were there when one-on-one marketing became a technology availability so we’ve already been through the experiences that count. Digital Luminance has been at the forefront of CRM since its inception.

It’s not us. It’s you. All about you. Always.

The customer is always right, right? Well, no. They’re confused and unstable. The adage that the competition is just a click away has never been more true. So we need to anticipate and appease, accelerate and amend.

We have the technology.

CRM has moved on. It depends on the integration of every way your customers and clients talk to you. Of course it’s about correlating data. Big data where it’s available. But what you do with that data is what counts.

Digital Luminance has the technology and platforms to bring together all your existing customer relationship management protocols so they’re as cohesive as they’re correlated.

We keep on testing and improving so you can too.

To start your testing, put us to the test. We’ll give you a detailed analysis of your existing systems to start us off. So let’s start a new relationship. Contact us now to find out more.

Digital Marketing Support

Deriving revenue from the digital marketing space is what we do. Our teams are handpicked for your projects and objectives.


From content to customer or client, our search results get results. We develop content that catches Google’s eye.

Paid Search

It all changes when you’re paying for it. Our paid search strategies help you get more from your budget more often.

Marketing Automation

You can’t replace the human touch but certain repetitive marketing tasks can be automated and triggered to suit you and your customers.