When it comes to building games, we’re not playing about.

In the digital marketing sphere, games certainly have their place. They’re great involvement mechanics. People just like playing games. Look around the next piece of public transport you’re on and see how many people are twiddling in their laps.

Games are portable. They’re competitive. They’re addictive. What better way could there be to engage a customer with your brand?

At Digital Luminance, we have everyone you need to develop a game. From strategists to programmers to storytellers to graphics artists. Whether it’s a virtual scratchcard, a quiz about your products or services, or a full-blown immersive experience with a strategy and realtime play… It’s got to look super slick. It’s got to have superwow. And it’s got to be shareable, reliable and, of course, playable.

Developing a game isn’t all about fun. That’s for the players. It’s almost a knee-jerk to say “we need to engage more consumers, we need a game!”

You could be right. But we start with why. From there, we look at what it will achieve. The game players might get points and prizes. But all we want is results. 

Because, in business, that’s where the real fun is.

To get serious about playing…

Everything you need to get in the game is right here. Contact us now.

Digital Development

We plug your marketing messages into all things digital. From games and involvement mechanics to sites and software, we’re here for you now.

Website Development

Yes, we build websites. Of course we do. But it’s how we integrate the rest of the digital marketing stuff that makes the difference.


Is there an app for that? Should there be? From home automation to involvement mechanics, where there’s mobile there’s a motive.


The line between virtual and reality is increasingly blurred. Our proven thinking and access to the world’s finest studios builds businesses.