We have access to the finest VR and AR studios in the world. We know they’re real. We know where they live.

The tech is out there for virtual reality and augmented reality. And the science fiction gets closer and closer to science reality.

Apart from your budget, VR and AR really are limited only by your imagination.

Loosely, we’d class virtual reality as something with which your customers or clients interact such as interactive product demos, test drives, walkthroughs, educational modules and so on.

Augmented reality is similar except the ‘virtualness’ is overlaid on real-life objects or scenes – most usually as seen through the customer’s camera on their phone.

Example: a well-known high-street purveyor of pizzas has recently soft launched an augmented reality app where customers can drop their own toppings on their pizza – and then order it. Not exactly mission control but we hear it’s hugely popular with people that order high-street pizzas. We also hear that AR pizzas tend to be higher-value purchases than phone-thru’s or walk-ins, and loyalty seems to be bolstered. Straw research also says the app has a ‘Yes! I’ve got to have that too!’ quality – which is exactly what you want. 

VR. AR. Whichever. The use of VR and AR is becoming increasingly relevant as well as prevalent. Customers love it. It’s damned impressive to have. And VR and AR apps, or applets in websites, are manifestly shareable.

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