The secret to a successful app is the one that your customer doesn’t even think about.

Who’d have thought that ‘Uber’ would become a verb in the English language. “I need a taxi.” “I’ll Uber you one.” Never mind the verb to google…

Such is the power of the app. Imagine if you could have that. Apps are personal. They’re part of everyday life. They’re with you. They’re with your customers and your clients. In their pockets. On their smart devices. In their TVs. Maybe in their kitchen appliances talking to the store to telling your customer what to buy. Or what not to buy because the app’s already ordered it for them. But that’s just consumers. The whole app scenario works business-to-business as well.

The truth is this: if there’s a task that your customer or client wants to carry out, there’s a potential app for that.

The potential lies in finding the most appropriate strengths in your business to concentrate in an app. You website can do the rest. And then what format is the app? Is it photo recognition? Is it a game? Does it identify a product or read a barcode or QR code?

Like anything else in digital marketing, we need to look at the marketing challenge and find the solution to the problem. By listening. Discovering. And delivering.

If only there were an app for that.

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