Expertise in experience counts

And never more so than in the discipline of user experience. Our dedicated user experience professionals do their best to ensure that your users come into your website, app, platform, or store and come out the other side successfully and satisfied.

At the beginning, we consider the user interface (UI): how the user interacts with a site, an app, a game or some other digital tool. Very loosely, it could be considered what they point at (or even speak to or physically touch) and how they progress through their user experience (UX). Once the user has interacted and been through a defined set of processes to get to a successful decision, they’ve been through a customer experience (CX).

Of course, our UI/UX/CX designers and analysts understand what users generally like and don’t like right now, right when, under what circumstances. And it’s their job to design experiences that are so smooth and intuitive that users don’t even have to think about what they’re doing and where they want to go next. But tastes in activity keep changing and depend on the activity in question. And you sure can’t please all the users all of the time. Certainly, one can make educated guesses but there’s absolutely no substitute for seeing first hand what prospective users actually do when faced with your pages or app.

Rigorous and repeated user experience testing underpins all of our customer experience design. Paper testing. Prototype testing. Eye-track testing. Full-on design testing with built-in content that’s ready to go (or as close to it as we think we can possibly get). Our specialists generally harbour a background in behavioural psychology with a digital marketing twist. They’ve got to where they are now through their experience with companies and organisations large and small.

When we’ve analysed and correlated, we’ll quickly put what we’ve found into action. And then we’ll test again. We’re not asking for every little tweak to be put through a full test regime. That’d be too much. But we do heartily recommend that anything that majorly affects your route to sale is tested and retested. It’s just good business.

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