Is your design doing its job?

At Digital Luminance, our designers are without doubt among the best in the business at digital design. That’s why we work with them. What’s more, they have the plaudits to prove it. Aesthetically, they’re proud of what they do. And you’ll be delighted with what they do for you. That’s a given.

But our graphic designers are more than moodboard meisters, tittivators of typography and virtuosos of the visually vibrant. They all boast brains for business too. That’s important because you’ll immediately see that before they’ve even put pen to paper – or mouse to mat – they’ll get the answers to very searching questions about the goals of your company or organisation.

As well as refreshingly brilliant design treatments, you’ll find our designers really do work with our writers, user experience people, developers, information architects and analysts to work in line with your business aspirations. Digital Luminance designers consider how their solutions perform just as much as what they look like.

So, if you need a digital design service that thinks business, talk to us today.

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Creative & Design Services

Our creative design services are more than mere aesthetics. We personify your organisational vision; communicate your messages effectively through design.

Brand & Identity

Big brand, growing brand. Wherever you are in your organisational development, we put the power behind the process and help you evolve.

Content Development

We have writers. Real ones. Not wannabe journalists or out-of-work PR luvvies. Proper copywriters with chops.


We never underestimate the value of user experience development and testing. Users? Pre and post, a day a month is all we ask.