Why our content creators are unbelievably irritating

They don’t give up. They appear not to sleep or eat or even blink. They keep just… knowing stuff. And, if they don’t know it they’ll find out, be warned, by poking at your products and digging for detail. They’re incessantly inquisitive. And they can and do get excited about absolutely anything. Worryingly so sometimes. After all, you need a content creator that won’t go to pieces – or to sleep – when listening to you about your products and services.

They’re not poets. Nor only film directors. They don’t only produce slick animations. They aren’t out-of-work journalists or subject-matter experts writing their own content. They are a diverse range of content creators by discipline and definition. It is their job to tell and, above everything else, it’s their job to sell. Sell a product. Sell a service. Sell even an idea, a concept or a cause.

The right content at the right time in the right way

Digital Luminance content creators are fully versed in all things digital. They’ll look at the digital marketing problem you need to solve and create the most appropriate content that gets the job done at every stage of the marketing process. What’s required?

  • An engaging and addictive game
  • Captivating and shareable video content for site or social, mini five-second blip or half-hour DRTV
  • Involving infographics, animation and configurators
  • And there is the copy and images, let’s not forget! We’re still here to inform, entertain and, of course, sell.

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Make a content creator happy and be more content with your content as well.

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