Brand & identity with cohesion and adhesion

Whether following and implementing your brand guidelines, progressing your brand identity or starting afresh, you’ll find our brand identity specialists are born empathisers. Because a pretty logo and some ‘fonts’ to go with it, simply isn’t enough.

Digital Luminance brand professionals are experts in their field. Like everything else we do in digital marketing, they’ll start by examining the business problem.

A brand-new start
Starting from scratch can be daunting. Working with you, we take your visions and produce a brand that resonates with your potential audiences and, of course, internal stakeholders. Thanks to our international collective of brand experts, we’ll ensure that your brand launch is a success; cross-culturally, linguistically and pictorially.

A refreshing change
There are many reasons why you should want to bolster your brand, even though it’s already established. Perhaps you’re embarking on M&A activity, maybe an IPO, international expansion. There could be an emerging sub-brand that needs to nestle within your existing brand hierarchy. Maybe your entire overarching brand needs bringing in line with currency and corporate expectations. You can be sure our hand-picked brand professionals will bring both creative magic and surefire usability to your brand.

Cohesion and adhesion
Because your brand is more than its marque. We’ll look at your audiences. Your competitors. What will make your company or organisation appeal at a glance. How you desire to be seen and perhaps more importantly, how your clients or customers desire to see you. That’s the cohesion.

The adhesion is making your brand ‘sticky’. Memorable and meaningful. Proud to be associated with. Recommendable. Recognisable. Giving an understanding of what you stand for.

Work with Digital Luminance and, whether part of a broader package or a standalone project in itself, our designated professionals will make your brand start working harder.

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Creative & Design Services

Our creative design services are more than mere aesthetics. We personify your organisational vision; communicate your messages effectively through design.


Our designers are more than designers. They understand your marketing challenges and find the most elegant and sophisticated solutions to fit.

Content Development

We have writers. Real ones. Not wannabe journalists or out-of-work PR luvvies. Proper copywriters with chops.


We never underestimate the value of user experience development and testing. Users? Pre and post, a day a month is all we ask.