“If it doesn’t sell, it isn’t creative.”

David Ogilvy said that. Amazing aesthetics and compelling creative treatments are, of course, much more than a necessity. How a business behaves graphically, typographically, in imagery, animation and colour, in sound and video, is what helps to build brands.

Today, compelling creative and design is more than about looks. It’s about experience and usability. From your perspective, it’s about getting the customer or client to where they want to be and where you want them to be in a smooth, elegant and aesthetically interesting way.

Whole books, sites, academic research papers and endless posts and threads have been written about what constitutes ‘good’ creative and design. But it’s subjective. Or is it?

At Digital Luminance, we look deeper into design and ask not whether it’s liked but moreover whether it works. Of course our creative designers are qualified in all things visual and they’ve helped create or continue brand stories for some of the world’s biggest and best-known companies and organisations. But at Digital Luminance, designers, writers, UX-ers, IAs and developers all work together to bring about definitively profitable digital marketing solutions, whatever the challenge. They work to make your projects work. And look brilliant as an inherent part of the process.

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Brand & Identity

Big brand, growing brand. Wherever you are in your organisational development, we put the power behind the process and help you evolve.


Our designers are more than designers. They understand your marketing challenges and find the most elegant and sophisticated solutions to fit.

Content Development

We have writers. Real ones. Not wannabe journalists or out-of-work PR luvvies. Proper copywriters with chops.


We never underestimate the value of user experience development and testing. Users? Pre and post, a day a month is all we ask.