So many platforms, so many users…

Let’s bring the blurred line between business and social into focus

Social media platforms are no longer toys for kids, but powerful marketing platforms. They’re channels. They’re services. And they’re not about to go away. Whether business-to-business or business-to-consumer, your company or organisation must leverage the power of social.

Work with Digital Luminance and you’ll find we already have social media platform management experts ahead of the curve. They know about the different platforms, of what they’re capable, who they reach and how you can leverage them to maximum effect. The relatively new science of social media management is not only that; it’s how the platforms work together.

At the highest level, talk to us and we’ll be able to start showing you:

  • How to manage multiple contributors on multiple platforms
  • Analyse your levels of social engagement
  • Schedule what goes out and when
  • Monitor comments, feedback and responses
  • Show you how to foster the best collaboration across platforms and users

To get social with your audiences now, get in contact with us.

Social, as a discipline is probably moving faster than any other overarching theme of digital marketing. Don’t be the quiet guy in the corner at the party because it’s cool.  Contact us now. Let’s get social together.

Marketing Strategy & Consulting

You’ll find everything stems from our strategic approach to digital marketing. That’s how we help you get real response and measurable metrics.


Our strategic approach to digital marketing underpins everything we do. Where we are, where we’re going, and how we’re going to get there.

Content Strategy

Our content strategists share know about content flow, grouping and structure. But they’re in the habit of getting to know your business too.