Content with your content? Our strategic approach helps it work.

Like many corporations or organisations, one way or the other, you’re probably not short of content. Is your content management system doing anything but managing? Are contributors running riot? Have you defined what your content is and what it should be? Is your content helping users or downright turning them off?

Kill, cure or keep. Three principles for effective content strategy.

Kill it.
It’s archaic. It might have had a use one day but it’s now in the pastures of legacy content. Either get rid of it completely or archive it (there’s often a good reason for archiving legacy content

Cure it.
It has value somehow but it’s no longer in line with your business objectives. Set a content strategist and a copywriter on the task to freshen it and make it re-relevant.

Keep it.
Analyse what’s driving your traffic. Look at your analytics. Is there a case for it being not broken so no fixing required? There’s no shame in keeping good content that’s doing its job…

In our content strategy, we’ll look at anything that’s available and everything that isn’t. Yet.

What is content? You could consider that it’s text and images and bits of video cliporama or animation or digital involvement mechanics.

Content is everything. It’s how you convey your digital marketing messages in the most effective way. It’s your tone of voice. It’s your modus operandi. It’s whole reason of being. It’s what your users look at and with what they interact. It’s how you make them feel. And do. And act.

Shame to get it wrong, then. Your business depends on getting it right. And we’re here to help. Through testing. Strategic analysis. And keeping on going until we get it as best we can. For the moment.

We cannot place enough emphasis on continuing content strategy.

Content strategy is a growing and ever-changing craft. Just like your business.

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to content strategy. Good content strategy is intrinsic to your business plan, your marketing plan, your products, services and customers. And there’s no substitute for talking to a specialist.

Digital Luminance has several expert content strategists with interests in business and industry as well as pure content strategy.

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