Every digital marketing service.
With the emphasis on service.

Being a virtual agency, we can offer your business the full range of digital marketing services. We can call upon our award-winning creatives, speedy developers, fastidious business managers and slick producers. We assemble the people, products and processes to fulfil your project.

You’ll notice, everything you need is right here, all available from one intelligent source. But we can only do this because we have the professionals in place who are adept at project management. It’s what they do: day in, day out. With precision and perfection. So you’re assured of a single point of contact who can and will make decisions. At the same time, you’re always free to discuss specific elements of your project with the talents that are actually doing
the work.

What you’ll soon not notice is that we’re virtual at all. Because the projects we work on are so beautifully concerted.

So everything you need, all from one place. It all adds up to powerful digital marketing solutions at less cost. Less cost? Yes. Because with Digital Luminance, you only ever pay for what you use and we don’t have expensive offices to service and staff.

What we do

This isn’t the usual agency yada yada, our virtual agency network consists of successful agencies and freelancers who are recognised as industry experts in each area.

Marketing Strategy

You’ll find everything stems from our strategic approach to digital marketing. That’s how we help you get real response and measurable metrics.

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Creative Design

Our creative design services are more than mere aesthetics. We personify your organisational vision; communicate your messages effectively through design

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Digital Development

We plug your marketing messages into all things digital. From games and involvement mechanics to sites and software, we’re here for you now.

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Social Media & Comms

You can’t beat them, so you’ve got to join them. With social, we’ll show you the way. We’ll be your people people.

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Digital Marketing

Deriving revenue from the digital marketing space is what we do. Our teams are handpicked for your projects and objectives.

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Brand partnerships

We have the connections to tie brands together for ever more powerful working relationships.

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