The refreshingly different digital marketing agency that’s based anywhere you want.

Every digital marketing service.

With the emphasis on service.

Marketing Strategy

You’ll find everything stems from our strategic approach to digital marketing. That’s how we help you get real response and measurable metrics.

Creative Design

Our creative design services are more than mere aesthetics. We personify your organisational vision; communicate your messages effectively through design.

Digital Development

We plug your marketing messages into all things digital. From games and involvement mechanics to sites and software, we’re here for you now.

Social Media & Comms

You can’t beat them, so you’ve got to join them. With social, we’ll show you the way. We’ll be your people people.

Digital Marketing

Deriving revenue from the digital marketing space is what we do. Our teams are handpicked for your projects and objectives.

Here’s why we’re better and faster.

The great thing about working with Digital Luminance is that you get everything you need, where you need it, whenever you need it. We have senior associates on every continent. OK. Not Antarctica, but hey. So from initial briefing to concepts, to creative and strategy, to execution to completion, analysis… and beyond… we’ve got the world of digital marketing covered.

Our virtual global presence means that once your project’s underway, it never sleeps. It leapfrogs round the globe. The benefit to you? Quicker completion, rapid results, better service and much more cost effective than a traditional agency. Try it. You’ll like it. Contact us now.

Get results.

We employ the science of making people buy into ideas, products and services and bring it bang into now, with the latest tools, techniques and tested methods.

Work smarter.

Because we’re virtual, we can build teams featuring the best brains in the business, particular to your projects and relative to your requirements. It’s an altogether smarter way of working.

Global presence.

Get an agency that gets it. From startup to superbrand, we’re positively devout in delivering outstanding experiences for your customers and clients.

You’ll be in great company.

Let’s bring your projects to fruition.

From start-up company to super corporation, we have the knowledge, expertise and people power for better results, faster. And we always help you get the best from your budget. Let’s talk.